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Monday, 31 December 2007 13:00

[Article écrit en 2007]

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  • Abstract:

    Without being the object of a separate treaty, the political thought
    of St Thomas Aquinas is very clearly conceived and developed and finds
    expression throughout his work. This study presents its fundamental elements
    concerning man, the human community and the relation of a community to
    its members. It is on this foundation that the traditional themes of justice, prudence
    and the relation of the two powers are based. We find in the Common
    Doctor a very full approach to the political—taken more from theology than
    from philosophy—even if the latter, drawn from Aristotle, is remarkably well

  • Page number (beginning): 5
  • Page number (end): 46
  • Category: Article
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DAGUET François

Le fr. François Daguet, docteur en théologie, appartient au couvent des dominicains de Toulouse. Professeur de théologie, il est directeur de l’Institut Saint-Thomas d’Aquin. Dernières publications : Théologie du dessein divin chez Thomas d’Aquin (Vrin, 2003) ; Du politique chez Thomas d’Aquin (Paris, Vrin, 2015).

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