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Thursday, 31 December 2015 13:00

D’une expression étrange dans le livre des Sentences de Pierre Lombard : la notion de « grâce de la Création »

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  • Abstract:

    In his second book of Sentences, explaining the creation of the angels and men, Peter Lombard takes an original position: both were created in a state of first grace which assured the harmony of their functions and allowed them to “stand”, but did not allow them to “move their feet”, that is to say, to progress in the good and obtain final beatitude without a further grace. This formula is a possible interpretation of the thought of St Augustine on creation; it had a certain amount of success throughout the Middle Ages, even to the point of being passed on by St Thomas in the Summa Theologiae. This article proposes to retrace its history in the work of a few medieval theologians and asks whether it may have had more success than it would seem.

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Prêtre de la communauté Saint-Martin, docteur en théologie, don Régis Moreau est directeur de l’école supérieure de philosophie et de théologie de la maison de formation de la communauté à Évron. Dernière publication : Guide de lecture du concile Vatican II, 7 volumes (Perpignan, Artège, 2014). En attente de publication : Anthropologie, Vision chrétienne de l’homme, 3 volumes (Ad Solem).

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